Lucky Me!

I was thinking the other day of how aromas can bring you back to a certain time in the past like, the smell of the street after it rains on a hot summer’s day, or the aroma of the air on a crisp fall day and so on. And that got me thinking how music can bring you back to a memory from the past as well!

Besides Elvis, the Everly Brothers had a great sound and tight harmonies and great songs like, “Wake Up Little Susie”, “bird-dog” and more. Rock and Roll was in full swing and my favorite female singer at that time was Connie Francis with her hits” Who’s Sorry Now” Stupid Cupid” playing on the radio.

And that brought me back to the day I ran in at the tavern my Father worked part-time at just around the block from my house, to ask for a nickel or a dime to go the Mom’s next door and Connie was on TV singing “who’s Sorry Now” and I said to myself “she’s the best girl singer ever”! Then ran out the door for my treats .

To me the Everly Brothers were the Beatles of that time, and even they were influenced by them with the wonderful music of the 1950s! It’s funny when I was living in the times then, I didn’t know it was the fabulous 50’s! as It’s now referred to or look around saying wow how great is this!

But there was something about it and you could feel it, it’s only as the years pass you look back and say, Yes it really was a special time! and just imagine I was one of the lucky ones to be there when it was all happening!

Date With The Angels Christmas

Here is the great Betty White in her show from the 1950’s “Date With The Angels” I do remember watching the “Betty White Show”  another show she starred in and may have seeen this episode but I was a kid so can’t recall it. 

I did view this awhile ago and thought you might like to view it. It’s a nice little Christmas episode. So enjoy!

Father knows Best

The Andersons
Father Knows Best

This is a story about 1950’s TV in the 1950s my family and I watched the TV show, Father Knows Best, it was a great show starring the Andersons with, Margaret, Jim, Betty, Bud, and Kathy. My friend and I had a crush on Betty [princess] and Bud was about the same age as my friend and I and we liked the same things he did. And Kathy was the youngest one [Kitten] As her Dad called her and a cutie.

The show was on on a number of years and was a radio show before that a very popular one. Their Christmas show is on very once in a while there were only 2 that I know of one where the go out to cut down their own tree like their father used to do. And then  they get snowbound and find out the true meaning of the holiday.

The other epeisode was one where an Aunt comes for a visit and gets off to a bad start with kathy and it works out fine in the end, yeah it was a great show to watch and many others at the time great TV in the 1950s

Coffee Ad Part 2

This is the back of the Maxwell House Ad I posted earlier, about Hope Chests You can’t beat those prices! It’s a great Christmas Ad, from a Great  Era.!

Coffee Ad 50's

1950’s Coffee Ad

1950’s Coffee Ad

I found this magazine clip of a Maxwell house coffee holiday ad, I brought about 7 years ago I put it away and forgot about it.

Not sure if you can read the part where it says,  Tune in on Thursday nights for “Father Knows Best” on NBC Starring Robert Young, and “Mama” Starring Peggy Wood on CBS-TV on Friday Nights!

Retro Coffee Ad

Maxwell House Coffee Ad 1950’s


Lucy Holiday Commericals

1950’s Style Haircut!

barbershopWay back in the 1950’s The hair styles for Men took on a different look much inspired by the stars of film, and the music stars of the decade. What would a Pompadour be without a Dab of Brylcreen? You wouldn’t be so Debonair would you!

And you wouldn’t be a true greaser without the D.A. Cut “Ducktail” where the tooth edge of a comb was used to have it run from the, crown to the nape at the back of the head, looking like the rear end of a Duck!

There was also the “Flattop” A type of short haircut where the hair on the top of the head is standing upright and then cut to form a flat-appearing deck.

The crew cut style was a favorite of men who wished to be “mainstream” and the style for the draftees in the military.
Illustration licensed by:(c) Can Stock Photo

Our First TV!

50's tv

1950’s Tv

Back in 1954 we got our first Tv! My Father brought a used one for $15.00 and set it up for watching that night, my Sister was about 14 years old at the time, told me a funny story about that night, she was so excited about having a TV and watching that night that she went around Mom Bruno’s’ candy store and brought candy and other snacks for that special night.

So later on when we all gathered in the living room,  she layed down on the couch, my Uncle and Aunt who lived upstairs in the building, came down to watch TV and sat right down on my Sister because the lights were low to view the TV better!

She doesn’t remember what was on might have beeen the Ed Sullivan show, but she’s not sure. I myself don’t recall the night but she has a great memory of our first TV!

Abbott and Costello!!

Abbott_and_costello_show I loved watching the Abbott and Costello show in the 50’s! And their films at the movies, like Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein! a funny one! I watched the show every week and never missed it. The Abbott and Costello Show is an American television sitcom starring the popular comedy team of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. The program premiered in syndication in the fall of 1952 and ran two seasons, to the spring of 1954. Each season ran 26 episodes.

The series is considered to be among the most influential comedy programs in history. In 1998 Entertainment Weekly praised the series as one of the “100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time”. In 2007, Time magazine selected it for it’s The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.

The show was a vehicle to bring the duo’s tried-and-true burlesque routines to television in a format that the team could control. It contained none of the musical interludes or love stories that marked most of their feature films. Basically, if a situation or gag was funny, the team filmed it with little regard to plot, character or continuity. As a result, the show became a valuable record of classic burlesque scenes performed by the duo.

Abbott and Costello portrayed unemployed actors sharing an apartment in a rooming house in Los Angeles.
The supporting cast included Sidney Fields as Sidney Fields their landlord;
Hillary Brooke as Hillary Brooke their neighbor and sometime love interest for Costello;

Gordon Jones as Mike the Cop, a dimwitted foil for the boys; Joe Besser as Stinky, a “little boy” dressed in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit, played by the clearly adult Besser; And Joe Kirk (Costello’s brother-in-law) as Mr. Bacciagalupe, an Italian immigrant caricature who held a variety of jobs depending upon the requirements of the script.

Bobby Barber and Joan Shawlee also appeared frequently. Several episodes featured a pet chimp named “Bingo”, who was dressed exactly the same as Costello; she was later “fired” from the show after biting Costello. Brooke, Besser and Kirk also left the cast after the first season