Make Room for Daddy!

Make Room for Daddy also know as “The Danny Thonas Show” began in 1954 – 1964 The show was produced at Desilu Studios, On January 1, 1959, Thomas appeared with his other Make Room for Daddy child stars, Angela Cartwrite and Rusty Hamerin an episode on NBC’s The Ford Show starring “Tennessee Erine Ford”.

The show was produced at Desilu Studios, where Lucille Ball and Desi Armaz appeared on the “I Love Lucy Show”, and it featured several guest stars who went on to star in their own shows, including Andy Griffith, on the “Andy Griffith Show” “Mayberry RFD” “The Joey Bishop Show” and “My Favorite Martian” Starring Bill Bixby.

Angela Cartwright when talking sbout her step-dad on the show thought Danny was hilarious, nothing like my real Dad who is far more reserved than that, It was fun to be able to make smart remarks and get away with it.

I would never have talked to my real parents that way, but in the make-believe world of the Williams family I got away with that! Later on She asked to be let out of her contractto be in the movie “The Sound of Music” And Danny was very gracious and did so.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Great television, nothing like we have today…


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