Retro Videos

Welcome to the Video Page!

Here you’ll find video clips from the 1950’s ~ 1960’s some from Christmas and other holidays, plus winter, Summer, and other occasions!
I post them from time to time when I can, so stop by for any new videos I post here and thanks for visiting us today!
1950’s Christmas Gathering
How much fun it was decorating the tree in the 1950’s! – I remember how amazing the bubble lights were! And I would sit in front of the tree for a long time, and how the tinsel would make everything so bright!
1950’s Christmas Gathering ~ Part 2
Every family decorated their homes so merry as this family did, and back then most used the old fashioned light bulb’s Multi-Colored that made the home so cozy and exciting.
we decorated our tree on Christmas Eve, and took it down on new year’s day! But those memories last a life time don’t they!
1960’s Christmas Time
Over the years decorations became more new and exciting! and it seemed people were adding more holiday decorations than ever before to make their homes shiny and bright inside and out, what delightful sights to view as you went your merry way during the holiday shopping season.
Everywhere you went in the evening you would see home after home all lit up for the holidays! And how the avenue lights and stores all glowed so merry and bright!
1950’s Blizzard Scene
This video brings back so many fun filled days of the snowstorms of the 1950’s! In my town after every major snowfall, the city would gather up tons of snow, around the town and dump it in the monastery grounds right across the street from where I lived.
And it was a kids dream come true! Oh the non-stop fun we all had and it seemed to last forever till it melted away awhile later. We would spend most of the day there!
Community Summer Picnic ~ 1954
This community knew how to have a picnic! There was nothing like planning a family outing and meeting up with family members on a nice summer’s day and having a blast! The kids always had something do like going on a hike, with an adult in charge, playing ball, board games, crabbing at times.
And I remember those great hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon, and more! And the grown-ups were catching up on what was new in the family. My family would plan a yearly family picnic at, Interstate park in New Jersey in the late 1950’s and throughout the early 1960’s.