The Lone Ranger Show

One of my favorite tv shows as a kid was “The Lone Ranger” in the 1950s I used to sit in front of our small Dumont tv on saturday mornings and loved every minute of it! The stars were Clayton Moore as “The Lone Ranger’ and Jay Silverheels as “Tonto” who was a Mohawk from the six nations Indian reserve in Ontario Canada.

The first show began when the lone ranger was part of a six man team of Texas Rangers led by “Captain John Reid” who were ambushed as they were in pursuit of outlaws who were led by,” Bartholomew “Butch Cavendish” But unknown to them they were led to at canyon at Bryant’s gap and into an ambush by a guide named Collins.

Later on a Native American named “Tonto” came upon the scene and finds the lone ranger barely alive and nurses him back to health. Tonto recognizes the lone survivor as the man who had saved his life when they both were children, Later on Tonto gave the lone ranger a ring that said”Kemo Sabe” Meaning “Trusty Scout”

John Reid The lone ranger’ then tells Tonto that he will go after the “Cavendish Gang” to face justice and to honor his brother he will don a “Domino Mask” made of cloth that he made from his brothers vest.

To have the “Cavendish gang think they killed John Reid “The Lone Ranger” as well as the other 5 Rangers, Tonto digs six graves.

The Lone Ranger’s horse was Named “Silver” before acquiring Silver, the Lone Ranger rode a chestnut mare called Dusty. The Lone Ranger saves Silver’s life from an enraged buffalo and, in gratitude, Silver chooses to give up his wild life to carry him. Tonto’s horse is named “Scout” But before that he rode a white horse named “Feller” and Tonto just called him “Paint Horse for a number of episodes, before changing the name to “Scout”

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