My favorite songs of the 50’s

I was thinking back to the great music of the 1950’s, and there were so many I liked, so I thought what were my favorites of the time. It wasn’t too easy to name the ones. So I listed my 10 favorites, as hard as it was I wanted because there were many, I thought I would list just ten of them.

There were many more from the artists that were great, the music at the time are endless classics, when I hear them it brings me back to better times growing up in the 1950’s. “Oh Donna” by Ritchie Valens was a sad song of a lost love, a nice song with great feeling!

The song “Dream” was just a great song with the best harmony, by the Every Brothers, among their many hits. Looking back they were the Beatles of the time, with their style of singing, and rocking music!

“Peggy Sue” was a great rocking song of Buddy Holly’s that I liked most because of the chord change I thought wow I never heard that before in a song, at the time.

“All Shook Up” one of Elvis’s many hits in the 50’s was my favorite song at the time, to be followed by many rocking songs, wow is all I can say about it all!

“Sorry” By Brenda Lee was sung with such power It was a very popular song at the time followed by many more hits!

The song” At The Hop”is a rocking song by the Del-Vikings that had you singing along, was a favorite on Bandstand, and whenever I see it on Youtube, it brings back the days when the good times rolled!

Sam Cooke had a smooth and powerful voice that carried the song “Send me” way up the charts, and I do remember listening on the radio at the time, he was one of my favorite artists at the time had a great number of hits!

The song “Only You” by the Platters was performed with such a feeling it was like wow! The lead singer was fantastic, what a great group with many other great songs in the 50’s. Their song catalog is filled with so many hits they were probably the best group of the times!

Dion and the Belmont’s were a group from Brooklyn, N.Y. with a number of hits like” Teenager in Love”” They went on with more hits and I remember watching them on TV and on American Bandstand a number of times.

Connie Francis

Connie Francis was one of my favorite female singers of the 50’s, her song “Who’s Sorry Now” was a big hit, followed by many more and funny but if I remember, I read that she really didn’t want to record that song, but her father talked her into it, the rest is history!


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  1. Lisa says:

    All great songs! They don’t make music like that anymore!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Pal! No they don’t, glad I was there when it was happening!


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