Haul out the Holly!

What a difference it makes when you decorate your home for the holidays! How it makes you feel so alive with excitement, it renews you and gives you hope, and it’s what the world needs today more than ever.

I was thinking back to Christmas of the 1950’s, remembering the cost of a fresh tree cost, and it was in the $5.00 to $10.00 dollar range, my father would send me and my brother or one of my sisters out late on Christmas eve to get a tree, that’s when it was the least costly, and we wouldn’t pay more than $2.00 to $3.00 for any tree! That’s all our father gave us to spend!

I wrote this in other posts, but it got me thinking, what were the various ways people decorated at the time? I do know Tinsel Trees were very in style at the time, and in the later years. We never had one and most of the families we knew had a fresh tree. And those were the trees my friends and I would gather up around the holiday to use for our new years eve bonfire! Most families would throw their tree out the day after Christmas, so we had a lot to those from!

Shiny Brite ornaments were in style then and I use those on my small tree in another room when I decorate, but they are current reproductions of the originals, also as well as the bubble lights I use, and it’s also when they made the tinsel with lead, and that’s how it layered on the tree so nice, but over the years it was eliminated because of the health hazards of lead.

Tree Trimming illustration licensed by: c) Can Stock Photo / kariiika

Top illustration licensed by: (c) Can Stock Photo / Aleutie


5 comments on “Haul out the Holly!”
  1. retrodee says:

    1950’s Christmas decorations were the best. Pretty and classy and good quality! I have a couple of boxes of Shiny Brites but they are reproductions (still pretty) but they are all in storage! Thanks for sharing, Bob.

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    1. Bob says:

      Yea Dee, it was a great time for decorations in the 50’s! The reproductions are nice, I bought 2 boxes 2 years ago and I use them on my 4 ft. tree in another room, but I love how they look on the tree! Just the right size! Thanks Dee, happy holidays! !


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love getting my tree decorations out each year and reminiscing. My oldest ones are family ones from my late mum and dad’s collection and always bring back childhood memories.

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    1. I hadn’t logged in before posting that comment so I’m not anonymous! Thanks Bob for the memories. We always had a fresh tree. My dad worked for the forestry commission and loved trees. To this day I and my three adult daughters all choose fresh trees over artificial. It’s a link with my dad.

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      1. Bob says:

        Yea that’s a nice Merl, I hope I spelled your name correctly! That’s a touching way that you and your daughters link with your Dad! I love real trees also but over the years, I had both! The one I have now is a white one, the first time I had one of that color. I think it’s my best one, but nothing comes close to a real tree! I love the smell of it in the home! Thanks for posting! Have a great holiday!

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