Grab the shovels!

Shoveling-snow 1
50’s snow shoving!

Back in the 50’s about 1958 we had a good snowstorm and we use to go around asking people if they needed their sidewalk shoveled and make a little money that used to go far for a kid in those days!

Alot of candy was two for a penny and soda was about 7 cents you know what I mean! I remember a few of us shoveling the corner store and each of us got a whole dollar! And the owners wife gave us a bowl of tomato soup and hot chocolate and we were off to find more work..


2 comments on “Grab the shovels!”
  1. Jamie says:

    Ah, cheap sweets! Yes I remember going into sweet shops in the early 60s and spending very little and coming out with a huge bag of sweets. No wonder our teeth are all falling out…
    Sounds like parts of the US need some kids to start shovelling up the snow again!


    1. Bob says:

      Yeah so true! We got about 9 inch’s of snow in my city and others a lot more..


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