New Years Bonfire!


I remember back in the 50’s we would gather up all the tree in the neighborhood and place them in a small garage on the block we lived and save them for year years eve! Then someone would lite them up and we just watched them go up! they were in a safe place

across the street in the dirt grounds from us away from any buildings or people.We watched till we heard the fire dept coming then ran away.We did it a number of years in a row then it ended. Not something I would consider today but it was a different time..

Grab the shovels!

Shoveling-snow 1

50’s snow shoving!

Back in the 50’s about 1958 we had a good snowstorm and we use to go around asking people if they needed their sidewalk shoveled and make a little money that used to go far for a kid in those days!

Alot of candy was two for a penny and soda was about 7 cents you know what I mean! I remember a few of us shoveling the corner store and each of us got a whole dollar! And the owners wife gave us a bowl of tomato soup and hot chocolate and we were off to find more work..

Fond memories!

winter scenceI remember back in the 50’s whenever we had a good snowstorm the city would gather up the snow in dump trucks and make mountains of it in the monastery grounds right across the street from my home!

And all the kids would come and we’ll play king of the mountain and make snow forts and make up sides and fling those snowballs!

We would play all day take breaks for lunch and dinner and played till it started getting dark and went home thinking of the fun we had and couldn’t wait for the next day of playing king of the mountain!