The D.A. Haircut

The Duck Tail

In the 1950’s one of the Hair styles for young males, was the Duck tale cut, and once in, I asked my sister to give me the D.A. cut, “The ducks ass” And she did just that adding a lot of grease, that held it up and formed the back of hair into the tail! It was a lot of fun but not too cool on a kid the age of nine! I also remember one of my cousins who wore one, and a bunch of older guys around the area wearing the same.

The D.A. was invented in 1940 by a barber from Philadelphia, It was styled around the side and the back of the head, to make it seem like a duck. The hair on the top front of the head hung down over the forehead, or was combed up or curled into an “Elephant’s trunk” that would hang down as far as the top of the nose.  

D.A. was also what the greasers wore with lots of pomade “hair grease” on top! Hair creams were plenty at the time and many to chose from, if you ever saw the movie “Grease” you know what I mean! The person who wore the D.A. was always combing it throughout the day to keep it up and looking cool!

illustration by: Charlesfrederickworth, Wikimedia Commons


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  1. retrodee says:

    I like how much boys cared about their hair and overall appearance in those days. Even the rebels were conscious about their looks! Many yrs later when I was in HS, boys didn’t care about their hair at all, you were lucky if they even washed it! Great post about a great classic look!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dee! Yes I remember a few greasers in my neighborhood though they weren’t known as such at the time that I know of. Other than my sister giving me a D.A. Most boys my age had crew cuts, very short!


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