My Favorite Martian!

My Favorite Martian was first shown in 1960, It starred, Ray Wastom, and Bill Bixby. It aired from 1963 for 1966, episodes on CBS TV broardcast. Two seasons were make in black and white, and the last season was in color.

My Favorite Martian

The show was based around an Extraterrestrial ” Ray Walston” who happens to be a 450 year old anthropologist from Mars who crash’s into a X-15 plane, a young reporter named “Tim O’Hara” on his way home from Edwards Air force base, spots the space ship as it comes down.Tim takes the martian home telling people that the martian is his uncle. Both Tim and Uncle Martian lived in a upstairs apartment.

As the martian begins on repairing his space ship, they agree to keep his arrival a secret, soon Tim begins to see the special powers uncle martin has! such two antennae’s that become visible, and he’s also a telepathic who can read people’s minds, and with his finger he can levitate objects, and he could also talk to animals. Uncle martian was also an inventor who built devices like time machines and more. “Martin O’Hara’s” real name is actually Exigius 12½

CBS Television, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

illustration (c) Can Stock Photo / Xochicalco