Bear Mountain 59′

Back in the year 1959, The city I lived in, offered free day passe’s to any kid who wanted to go to Bear Mountain for the day.sponsored by the P.A.L. And I remember a bunch of us meeting up about four blocks away at the corner drugstore.

We bought along sandwich’s and drinks and waited till the bus came, so we all could get a seat, it was a long trip from where we started out from, but no one really cared about it, for it was a great way to spend a summer’s day! I don’t remember much of the things we saw or did it’s kind of blurry now, I do know we all had a great time there .

if I remember the bus driver was our guild, and he was only in his mid-20’s about, so going up the driver got lost on the way, and had to ask for information at a gas station on the way. And after about two and a half hours we made it. On the way there and back all of us kids sang ninety-nine bottle’s of beer on the wall! over and over again.

I think by the time we stopped singing it, the driver and maybe the bunch of us had a hangover! Yea it was one of the great things we done in my city in those happy days of the 50’s, and I wish all kids have a day like that. Bob