First day of school

The first day of school in my family was a sight too see! It was like a comedy movie in the early years of the 1950’s there were 12 of us kids and out of the 12, 10 kids were school age, so you can see how getting up early on the first day was chaotic! To say the least.

So they we were 10 of us kids rushing to get up, eat breakfast, and trying to get dressed and ready, in time to make it to school on time! You’d think it was Christmas morning! What a scene was, everyone tripping over each other, my mother trying to get everyone in order.

We were suffering from summer shock I think by getting up later and running out the door for a 50’s day of fun! And that’s hard for most kids even today, back then we didn’t have or need many things to start the first day just maybe a note book, a pencil case, ruler. depending on the grade you were in, I began in the kindergarten in 1952 and it was just for a half day then the kids in the kindergarten rotated to day and afternoon class.

But I have nice memories of those days and the kids brought in a snack to eat and we got those half pints of milk every day. Not sure but I think the parents had to pay for it. So at the end of the day we all would all come home, tried and happy to be home, we never had home work on the first day I mean from the first grade and up, so that’s how it was in my family on those first days of school.