In my day!

I know kids today would disagree with this post, when I think back to say how great it was being a kid in the 1950’s. Although I’m sure the kids back then would be into the technology of today, but I think we lucked out really, because we just made our own fun in that way back then.

Summer was always a blast! And a day began with just going outside the house yelling up, “Hey Buddy, Gregory, Dennis, Tommy,” are you coming out? If there wasn’t an answer, you would do your own thing, stoop ball, or going across the street to the monastery to hang out till someone came out. And I’m sure plenty of kids today do go out as we did then, and one day they’ll have some great memories to share one day as I do, every generation has them! cool right?

And there was always something to do as I have said in other posts, we hardly stayed in the house back then, and if you were ill your parents kept you in, and it was hard not going out even being sick! We were out most of the winter unless it was bitter cold, but when the snow fell out we went!

So technology is a wonderful thing and it’s hard to imagine today without it but if it all went away today, I could adjust to it without a problem knowing the difference, and it really hasn’t been that long since all began to become what it is today since the since 1980’s.

My daughter brought our first computer in the mid -1990’s, and I didn’t know how to turn it on or off! Hah! That’s when AOL was starting out I think we had update three, and you had to wait for dial up! Wow and look at today, with IPads, IPhones, Chromebooks, and much more.

Yea it would be hard today to be without them I’m sure, but if I have a hard day, I think back to my memories of a much more relaxed kind of life many years ago, it kind of makes the day go a little better..


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  1. retrodee says:

    I think of how peaceful it would be without the internet and imagine how it would be to find other things to do (which is what it was like when I was a little kid.) TV was special and everything was more interesting. But the internet has made everything else seem boring and slow and that’s sad! I find myself so reliant on, and so addicted to the internet that I can’t even stay away from it for one day! This is a great post, I can picture you calling your friends and having a fun day outdoors.

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  2. Bob says:

    Hi Dee, yea it was nice not having any internet, I’m glad we didn’t back then. It’s a great invention no doubt about it, but we lost something special along the way because of it.


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