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John Lennon

Today marks the 40th anniversary John Lennon’s passing in 1980. It was a sad day for many across the world and for me being a big beatles fan since they came and changed the world and the music scene, John with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr rocked us with new and exciting music that still seems as fresh today as it was back then, and they still have a big following that’s how great their music continues to be.

I remember the night I got a phone call at work telling me that John was killed a short time before what a shock it was so unreal, hard to believe is a understatment!! John had so much talent as a song writer, as a member of the Beatles, and as a solo artist. He had just finished his new album “Double Fantasy” and enjoying his life more than ever when out of nowhere it was cut short.

You can read up on John and his contributions to music and his efforts towards peace in the world. at the Beatles website that’s locatated on the Beatles link on any page in the right column,

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  1. retrodee says:

    I used to really like the “Milk and Honey” album he did with his wife when I was a kid. I think my Dad gave it to me… I was sad when I was told what happened to him. It must have been a terrible shock for people that day.

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