That Christmas Feeling!

It happens every time! Isn’t it a kind of wonderful feeling, that on matter what kind of work you do or even did in your life, that when you were part of a holiday gathering, or an office party where you felt it seemed like everything was right with the world!

I remember the places I worked and when Christmas week came around no matter what, it was like when ever we had a Christmas get together, even a small party I would think, wow I didn’t want it to end, I mean the gathering! the moment, the fun of it all!

I remember the few years where I worked sometimes the boss would order hot food and drinks othe times and places the workers raised up the cash or we brought in home-made foods, and when the party began, there was that wonderful “Christmas feeling” again. And I’m sure many of you had the same feeling in your field of work.

The point being no matter what job I had if we had a Christmas party, it was the same wonderful feeling! All was good with the world once again and your troubles were put to the wayside, and in these times of trouble the world could use that “Christmas feelling” now more than ever.

So no matter what line of work you’re in, I hope you all get together this year in the spirit of that “Christmas Feeling” no matter what field of work you’re in and create great memories from it!

Artwork Licensed by: (c) Can Stock Photo / Aleutie


2 comments on “That Christmas Feeling!”
  1. Lisa says:

    I always get that “Christmas feeling” whenever I’m around you, dad!
    🎄🥰🎅🏻 Merry Christmas & thank you for a childhood full of wonderful Christmastime memories! I ❤️you!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Pal! Love you too, Merry Christmas!


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