Lazy Sundays of the 1950’s

How different Sunday’s were in the 1950s, The only stores open were a couple of bakerys that made fresh rolls, buns, and great coffee cake and they closed at 1:00pm! And the Mom & Pop stores would be open untll 1:00pm also and after that you couldn’t get anything even the supermarkets would be closed! So if you needed any food on sunday you had to stock up on a saturday or you were out of luck!

My father would send me to Mary’s Delicatessen, or mom Bruno’s candy store to get the Sunday Paper, with all the news and the funny papers as we called them for ten cents. And the stores closed at 1PM on Sunday’s and the avenue stores were never open on Sunday’s there was no malls back then in my area.

It was a time when most family’s spent part of the day just reading the papers, with parents reading the news and the kids reading the funny paper and watching TV, then the kids would go outside getting up a game of stickball, two hand touch, riding our bikes, and so on. The Sundays were very laid back in those days.

And it seemed every family had dinner together and watched TV and and the kids always watched whatever the parents decided on viewing on Sundays, but kids had Saturdays to watch shows/cartoons, and saturday eveings was whatever the parents viewed no questions asked!

It seems like we always had spaghetti back then it wasn’t called “Pasta” as most call it today. Yea they don’t make sundays like they used too!

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  1. Great post. In rural Wales where I grew up NOTHING was open on a Sunday at all. Even the pubs were shut then on Sundays. As a teenager I hated Sundays because teenagers want to be with their friends and nobody was out and about apart from when we were in church. Now we’d use social media. When I, my brother and my sister were all teenagers our family dog used to get loads of walks every Sunday as we’d keep taking her out in the hope of maybe bumping into a friend.

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks for sharing your memory! It must have been hard not hanging out on sundays! My parents make sure we were out of the house playing on the weekends and so were we hah!

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  2. retrodee says:

    Great post, Bob! My big Italian family would always have “Sunday Dinner” where they’d gather at Grandma’s to eat after Church. I only attended a few, growing up 3,000 mi. away in CA and they were in MA. I still have fond memories of my cousin coming over with doughnuts after Church. Everything was open, but no alcohol sales on Sundays. I don’t know if they still do that in MA. (in CA you could get it 7 days a week) I remember one time when I was a kid we were visiting MA, and my Dad wanted to bring wine to his brother’s house on a Sunday (this was in the 1990’s) and he couldn’t buy any, so he had to bring flowers and candy instead. LOL.

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    1. Bob says:

      Great story Dee, thanks for sharing it!


  3. spwilcen says:

    Nice read. Thanks for the flashback. Well done.

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