There was a time!

I wanted to share this with you, looking back at the days of my youth. I do remember getting service like this at the gas station and the vacuum cleaner salesman with the new vacuums knocking on the door. And the fuller brush man selling items door to door, my uncle used to be a fuller brush man at one time in the 1950s.

And boy I seemed to get motion sickness on those buses a number of times! But wish I could ride one today! And of couse the Good Humor man coming down the street ringing his bells! Oh what a treat on a summer’s day I remember he let us sit and ring the bells “jingle jingle! And there was nothing like a dixie cup and 10 cents at that! Well it’s just a look back at I hope you enjoy it…Bob


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  1. retrodee says:

    This is a great video, Bob. I remember being TOLD about how the Dr. would come to your house when you’re sick and I wished that was still the case! It made more sense too because you wouldn’t have to go anywhere or make someone else sick in a crowded Dr.’s office! And even the bus looked glamorous in those days! When “Sh Boom” came on I was like “That’s my jam!” Some of the sales men were cute! And I loved the end with the cute little kids getting ice cream. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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    1. Bob says:

      Yeah I mss the Good Humor man! And I remember my oldest sister singing “Sh Boom”outside the house from time to time! yeah good times indeed!

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