Saving up for our first car!

In the summer of 1957 my friend buddy and I had a plan and that was to go down to the Acme supermarket just two blocks down from our house Buddy lived upstairs from me, so our plan was to go and ask people if they needed help to their car with their grocery bags.

We would wait outside of the store and as soon a a person came out with their cart of food we’ll say,”Do you need help with your bags” most said yes others just looked at us like we were weird!

So to explain, our plan was to work there in the summer than after school to save up for a car to share between us when we got old enough to drive. Of course we had like 7 years before we even got our license to drive!

But that’s how you see thnigs as a kid at that age at least we did at the time like, anything and everything was possible so we went there almost every day of the summer, we flipped on it to see who’s mother would hold the pot of cash we imagined! and Buddy won the flip but the fact was his Mom spent whatever we gave her and we found this out later in the summer.

What could we say anyway the thing was, most of the familys who lived in my building including my own were struggling and money was hard to come by. I don’t think we made more then $5.00 to be honest, but it was alot back then for a kid who could buy a bunch of things at the time, but sadly it won’t get you a car! So all in all the money went to help someone in the end.


2 comments on “Saving up for our first car!”
  1. retrodee says:

    Aw that’s a cute story! And you had a friend named Buddy! I love the names back then… You’re right kids think like that. I remember me and 2 gal friends planning to save up for a house so we could live together when we grew up. 🙂


    1. Bob says:

      Yeah Dee, When you’re a kid, any dream and plans you make somehow makes it seems anything is possible! Yea to be a kid how priceless it is!


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