1960’s karaoke!

51 Chevy

1951 Chevy

When I see the late late show at times with James Corden and his guests, It reminded me how, that’s what we did in the mid-Sixties in this model car my wonderful 1951 Green Chevy with a AM radio and it drove like a tank! LoL

I would drive around with my few friends bring one of us would bring a guitar, and we would just sing whatever songs were out at the time and very loud at times and people in passing cars thought we were weird, they laughed at us, but we thought we were sounded good saying, they don’t know good music! when they hear it! LoL

We would ride around town in the cold winter or those warm summer evenings like that without a care in the world! So the late late show host has a great guest lineup for his karaoke Car segments, and I had great friends in mine, and it doesn’t get any better then that!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Sound like a great time!

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    1. Bob says:

      Oh It was! We had a lot of good fun singing and riding all over sometimes for hours!


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