Smile Please!

Photo Booth

Who remembers going to Woolworth’s in the 50’s and 60’s to have their photos taken in the photo booth? 4 photos for 5 Cents! I did it and I remember me and my friends going and cramming in together all crunched up making funny faces.

We would laugh so loud the woman who worked there would come over and yell, boys keep your voices down! Yeah we did that a number of times back then and thousands of others also! thanks to wonderful Woolworth’s for the memories!

And while I’m at it brings back to the times my friends and I went to the Woolworth’s in my area, that was a few blocks from where we lived. We loved the water pistols the most in those hot summer days and rush home fill them up and water each other down in the sun.

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2 comments on “Smile Please!”
  1. retrodee says:

    Great story! I think it’s too bad that i-phones that take “selfies” replaced photo booths… I think the booths in my day were $2 for 4 pics or something like that when I was really young. They were fun! Then later they had ones where the pictures were stickers you peeled off a sheet.

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    1. Bob says:

      How true Dee, I remember those picture stickers but there was nothing like those photo booth ones..


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