Going to Pep Boys!


On those summer days of the 50’s, it seemed like we were always fixing our bikes outside. If wasn’t one thing it was another! Like taking out the inner tube if it had a flat we would always go to Pep Boys about 5 blocks away, and get a tube repair kit and walk back and place the tube in a pail of water to see where the leak was.

When the air bubbles came up we dried it off and put on the patch if it wasn’t that, we would be taking the chain off to fix it, taking off the main link and adjusting the wheel. Then if that wasn’t enough, we were taking out the ball bearings and lubricating them if they needed it.

Oh I remember how the store smelled of rubber from the new tires in the store and, anytime I get near a new tire today it all comes back to me and, I can vision my friends and me on a summer carefree day of the 50’s going to Pep boys.

You never forget your childhood friends I was lucky to know them, friends to fix bikes with, to go see two Saturday movies, cartoons, for 25 Cents, friends to go play ball with, friends you fought with, friends you laughed with, yes those were special times, so here’s to my childhood friends wherever they are, and a special thanks to Pep Boys!