Movie Theater Christmas 56′

Back in December of 1956 I was 9 years old and one early one day in December, my Sister came home from the store and woke me up and said, Mike the Cop was outside with the other kids and he was taking them all to the movie theater for a Christmas show with Christmas movies, and a chance to win prizes!

I got dressed fast as I could and ran outside and Mike was about 2 houses away with the kids they were a little older than me and they didn’t want me to go with them to the show.

But Mike said, no! he’s allowed to come with us and so I went, we walked up to the theater about 25 blocks from my house, we always walked around then so it never bothered us. The show was fun to say the least.

We saw 2 movies then the theater manager would come out on stage and we would sing holiday music as I remember, then he would hold a raffle for the prizes and whomever had the winning ticket got to take home a great prize most of the time it was a new bike! Once my Cousin won a bike at one of the shows and rode it all the way home with a big smile on his face! 

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2 comments on “Movie Theater Christmas 56′”
  1. retrodee says:

    What a great story! Mike the cop is the kind of guy we picture from the 50’s, not just a cop, but also someone that cared about kids and got involved in the community. Things were different then, so much more simple and nice. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dee! Yes it was like that where I lived a Police officer walked the beat in the city and aways by himself, he knew most of the people and I’m sure it was like that in most of the city. I remember a Police officer once at a Christmas party us kids on the block wouild go to every year in the back hall of an taven where they would rent it out to people, it was a few blocks away and he would be outside handing out a ticket to go in and made sure that every kid got in no matter what, we had a blast at that those partys!


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