1950’s Events Part 2

These events cover the years from 1956 to 1959

1956 – President Eisenhower secures passages of Interstate Highway Act, which will construct 41,000 miles (66,000 km) of the Interstate Highway System over a 20-year period
1956 – The U.S. refuses to provide military support the Hungarian Revolution
1956 – Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.
1956 – Marilyn Monroe marries playwright Arthur Miller.
1956 – Jackson Pollock dies in a car crash
1956 – United States presidential election, 1956 (Eisenhower re-elected)
1956 – “In God We Trust” adopted as national motto
1957 – Eisenhower Doctrine, wherein a country could request American economic assistance and/or aid from military forces if it was being threatened by armed aggression from another state
1957 – Civil Rights Act of 1957, primarily a voting rights bill, becomes the first civil rights legislation enacted by Congress since Reconstruction
1957 – Soviets launch Sputnik; “space race” begins
1957 – Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the first commercial nuclear power plant in the U.S., goes into service
1957 – Little Rock, Arkansas school desegregation
1958 – National Defense Education Act
1958 – NASA formed as the U.S. begins ramping up efforts to explore space
1958 – Jack Kilby invents the integrated circuit
1959 – The NBC western Bonanza becomes the first drama to be broadcast in color
1959 – Cuban Revolution
1959 – Landrum–Griffin Act, a labor law that regulates labor unions’ internal affairs and their officials’ relationships with employers, becomes law
1959 – Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th U.S. states; to date, they are the final two states admitted to the union.


The Maywalk

parade4thI remember in the 1950’s the city I lived in held a may walk event that was held in the stadium and was an all day event! It started with a small parade of floats that would go to the stadium and there would be events, like track and more…

Then they would give out lunch boxes that held a sandwich, a candy bar, and the best, a high bouncer rubber ball! the kids would also get tickets for a half pint of milk and an ice cream Dixie cup! It was a day long event! Great Memories!!

Burger, Fries, and Coke!



1950’s booths

These booths were common back in thee 1950’s! I remember the high school kids always sitting there after school and on weekends! There was luncheonette right around the corner from my house and we used to go there a lot and there was a nice long counter where you could get a great ice cream soda, an ice cream sundae for 25 cents!

You could get a cold glass of coke that was made behind the counter for 5 cents! and the burgers and fries were great and home-made at that! Later on the store owner added Pinball machines and it had a jukebox of course! And There was a comic book stand where you could buy a book for 10 cents .. Clipart credit = Jsmagic.net


1950’s TV

1950's TV

1950’s TV

television in the 1950’s was a big thing! My family brought one when I was about 5 years of age. It was a big event I don’t recall the make or model but it had a small black and white screen as all were that type at the time. There wasn’t much cartoons I remember a few like: Farmer Gray, mighty mouse, and the best for me were the Saturday Westerns!

My Favorite was The Roy Rodgers show! With Dale Evans, Trigger the horse, and Bullet his Dog.. Then Gene Autry, Hope Along Cassidy, The Lone Ranger and more.

I loved watching them and my hero was: Look up in the sky it’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No it’s Superman! Then there were the Soap Operas, Playhouse 90, the Honeymooners, Your show of shows, The game shows, Captain Video and his Video Rangers! and much more. More to come soon!


Them02 movie

A great horror film from the 1950’s Horror films were popular back then.The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants to mutate into giant man-eating monsters that threaten civilization.

View more about the film and the full cast here: imb.com

I Love Lucy!

America Loves Lucy

Lucy's Baby

Lucy’s Baby

Lucy’s Baby

Lucille Ball’s new baby brought 44 million viewers to the show and graced the cover of the first national issue of TV Guide in 1953. TV Guide soon became the most popular periodical in the country.

Americans loved situation comedies — sitcoms. In the 1950s, I Love Lucy topped the ratings charts.

The show broke new ground by including a Cuban-American character (Ricky Ricardo, played by bandleader Desi Arnaz) and dealing with Lucille Ball’s pregnancy, though Lucy was never filmed from the waist down while she was pregnant. Forty-four million Americans tuned in to welcome her newborn son to the show.

Summer Stickball!



My favorite game to play in the summer was stickball! We would play across the street on the Church grounds, part of the grounds were made of tar and the other was a dirt ground where we played Baseball.

We would choose sides and sometimes there would be a pitcher and other times the batter would hit the ball by himself,
You could play ball all day then stop for dinner and come back to play more! Yeah what a time to grow up summer’s always a blast when you’re a kid!

Let’s go Yankees!

I remember back in 1958 going to see the New York Yankees in Yankee Stadium! Kids would sometimes though the city summer program they held for the kids at the time. I can’t remember, who played against whom but, it was fun and we went on a school bus and brought along our lunch. Yeah they took us out to the ballgame that day!

Let’s Do The Stroll!