Give a kid a break!

Back in the 50’s, whenever we got a game of baseball up, I always had to use one of my friends gloves because I never had a left-handed one, other than that I used my father’s catcher’s mitt, and that was right handed and too big for my hand.

Hey wait for me!

It was hard to say the least, putting on a right-handed glove and catch a ball, but that’s all you could do as you couldn’t find a glove that was left-handed in those days! I do remember my father telling my sister to take me up the avenue to the sporting store about 15 blocks from our home to get me a glove for my Birthday, I can’t remember the year, I think it was 1957.

We went in and my sister asked the owner for a left-handed glove he said no we don’t stock lefties! I was so disappointed! So we walked out and headed back home and there wasn’t a sporting store or any department store that we knew of that carried a left-handed glove. Over the years they became more available as they are today. And you know, I’m happy being a lefty and wouldn’t change it for anything!


2 comments on “Give a kid a break!”
  1. retrodee says:

    I’m proud to be a lefty too now, Bob! Just like Don & Phil Everly!

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    1. Bob says:

      Yea! that’s great Dee, Like I say, Lefties are alright!


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