That Gang of Mine!

Looking back on those years of the 1950s, I was recalling on how my friends and I slowly moved on as we all do eventually. As I remember, It was my best friend “Buddy” who moved away to a different city in 1958, and I helped him loading and unloading the truck, and I remember helping him to unload things when he moved in my building 1955.

Next thing I know my family moved around the block to a new apartment in 1959, but some of my friends still lived around the block. Next the family who lived over me at my old address moved to a different part of the city but they would come around a lot because it wasn’t far. And a couple of years later my family moved to a different city, and it was in the same city as they lived!

So we would meet up and walk up to the old neighborhood to just hang out or get up a game of stickball for the day and then we would walk back home together, Next thing I knew their family brought a house too far away so I never saw them again. So I would go up from time to time up by myself untill we moved back to that city once again, and it was just a few blocks from where we all lived so every chance I got, I would walk over and spend the day there.

A few of my other friends still lived there where they always lived, but I didn’t see them much, only if they were in the area at the time, but then I never rang their bell to see what they were doing. So that’s how it turned out as it always does, we grow and move on in life, and if we’re lucky we have some great memories and sometimes sad ones, that we pass on to our family and friends in the years ahead, and looking back I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Artwork Licensed by: (c) Can Stock Photo / Aleutie