Rockefeller Tree 2020

This is the information for the tree in Rockefeller Center this year, It will be lit on Dec, 2nd, the tree comes from Oneonta, N.Y. You can view the schedule such as times for visiting and much more and there is much history about the tradition of the Rockefeller Trees that were displayed there since 1931. It will be shown on TV this year but, because of the virus sadly no ceremony program is scheduled this year.

The Ice Skaking Rink opened on Nov, 24th and you can join in the fun also! Check the times, costs, and hours for a fun day at the Rink!

The Photo above was taken in 2014 when my daughter and I went to see the tree that year, and when you first view it you’re like, “wow” so big and beautiful! And the colors are breathtaking! What a thrill to be there it’s so exciting!


4 comments on “Rockefeller Tree 2020”
  1. Interesting! Did you see the news item about the little owl which was found and rescued in this year’s Rockefeller tree. The people at the sanctuary have named him Rockefeller.

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  2. Bob says:

    Yes! It was amazing that to see the owl was there in the tree I think they set him free in the wild since! it turned out good for him in the end.

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  3. retrodee says:

    Oh I always wanted to see the famous Rockafeller tree! I heard about the owl also, but I didn’t read the whole article so I didn’t know he was found in that particular tree. How cute!

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    1. Bob says:

      Yea Dee, they treated him and let him go happy and free!


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