Refections of the 60’s

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In the early 1960’s the music seemed to change from regular Rock & Roll to a different sound that was named Motown music, with the Girl groups like, the Supremes, the Chiffons, Marvin Gay, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, the Temptations and much more! what great music it was!

And there was a new sound that began on the west coast that soon had the country in a surfing mood with the Beach Boys, with great uplifting music that got the charts moving again and there were the four Seasons with a new sound and great music like, Sherry, big girls don’t cry, walk like a man, and more. Then there were the Beatles that got the teens in a frenzy!

Yes the mid 1960’s was a time of turmoil with the war going on, protests, and hippies, and there was a cry among the people for Peace and Love and of going to San Francisco and girls wearing flowers in their hair, it was a time of psychedelic music, Woodstock, and California dreaming was becoming a reality.

Are you going to san Francisco?

1960’s Bus licensed by:(c) Can Stock Photo / jamesstar