Angels Among Us!

On February 15th I was sitting talking to my daughter in my living room, and as my daughter got up she turned to look out the window she said to me “Dad” look at this! so when I did This is what we saw outside in the clouds, I said quick take some photos! We were viewing an Angel walking in the clouds! At first I thought It’s Jesus! Or an Angel I remember saying to my daughter “it may be a sign!” later on I thought was it of things to come or was it a sign that all will be alright! and not long after out of nowhere the virus came among the world! If you look in The back up in the rear of the Angel you can see what we think may look like stairs as like a staircase from heaven! I use the photo as a screen saver on my cell feel free to share it I posted 2 other photos below on on the close up views.

So I wanted to share this with you all because it’s not every day you see a wonderful sight as this! I didn’t post it here at the time because the site is about memories of my growing up the back in the 1950s and more! It never came to me to do so but I was thinking if this can offer others hope then post it here! It was taken at the moment and is as you view it, I shared it with my family minutes later my daughter shared on social media at the time. You can make up your own mind about the photo but to me it’s no doubt an Angel and to think it was right outside my window!

Photos of our Special Angel in close up views!

So everytime I feel down about the the events of our times I just look at these photos of our Special Angel and it makes my day that much brighter! I hope it makes yours the same. Bob


4 comments on “Angels Among Us!”
  1. retrodee says:

    Wow Bob that is so cool! I saw something on a paranormal TV show that looked just like this (an angel in the clouds). Amazing, since it’s happened before the same way… it can’t be a coincidence. In both the photos I saw on the TV show and in yours here, there is no doubt that it looks exactly like an angel. It’s not hard to see! I’m not religious, but who knows, it could be a sign of hope. Thanks for sharing these great photos!


    1. Bob says:

      Yeah Dee, It was amazing the Angel was just there outside in the clouds! So Wonderful!


  2. ruthie2345 says:

    Beautiful post Bob, I am still so Amazed at the photo!! I keep looking at the photo and thinking how wonderful it is. It came to us at a time we needed to see it the most. Simply Amazing!! 😇🙏🏻

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    1. Bob says:

      Yeah Ruth, just amazing to see it!


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