A matter of Opinion!

Some people ask me what was so good about the 1950s? What did the 50’s have that we don’t these days? After all we got the internet, PC’s, tablets, and what would we do without our cells? Well if you look at it that way it’s true it did change our everyday lives no doubt about it.

But my answer is, in order to have all of that we had to give up some of our security,I think if we had the internet back in those days we would be doing the same as kids today, but we would have also missed out on a lot on the fun of playing outside on a summer day, or having great fun having a snowball fight! Don’t get me wrong I know kids still do that of course but  I think we would have done it much less back then if we did have the technology of today. 

So I’m thankful in a way we didn’t have any of it back then! I guess it’s the same old answer that’s stands true every time, you had to be there! I can see how kids today will look back to different decades and say those were great times right?

Everyone knows everyone’s business, hackers get your all they need to scam you out of all of  your money, run up your credit cards and more! It wasn’t that long ago people just paid their bills by mail, paid cash for their groceries, and shopped only at the supermarkets and corner stores, other countries have been hacking our servers, stealing our technology affecting our elections and more!

The internet has come in handy at times of crisis, so it has its good points and we wouldn’t have the websites to build or shop on but it all comes with a price. I use it alot myself but you know, I wish we never had it to begin with. I think we’ll be better for it but that’s the opinion of someone who grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s. I’m sure more recent generations would disagree with me on that and that’s fine, because they grew up with this technology and I would probably feel the same no doubt about it.

So if I had my way I would without a doubt travel back to the days of the 1950’s and 60’s and even because I do know how it was and how it is these days and remember it wasn’t that long ago we were out about in the world going to work, school, walking about our way and that all changed in a matter of a few short months and we will be back to it soon as possible!. Well this is just my opinion and wanted to share it.

I hope all is well with everyone stay safe and healthy! I have a post coming up on the 1st of May about those days of the 1950’s I wrote some of this over the years in my posts, but this memory stands out as one of the most vivid of my Kidhood in the 1950’s!…Bob  


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  1. retrodee says:

    Great points, Bob! I always feel like I grew up in the “wrong era”. I think I probably would have been happier as a child of the 50’s, or better yet, a teen-ager or young adult of the 50’s! Even though I’m retro, the ironic thing is, I can’t imagine life without the internet… but that’s viewing things in the perspective of today’s world… I think back in the 50’s and 60’s, it was a world that didn’t need the internet and was better off without it.

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