Guitar Memories!

This is a memory of my first guitar, it was 1962 and a friend of mine who was in my class said to me “Hey Bob” I have a guitar if you want it he knew I loved guitars and so I said Oh Yeah! It was a nice one in natural grain.

And I don’t recall the name but I used to go in my room alone and just sit my the bed strumming and singing any song I knew at the time. It had no strings and I knew nothing about how to put a set on, but I loved playing around with it It was a passion of mine to learn and I did over time.

So one day my friend who lent me the guitar comes by and says, Bob, John want to know if he can borrow your guitar, we were all in the same class in school then. said he’ll give it back after his band plays a gig and I said OK no problem, so after about a week my friend comes back and says John said to tell you the guitar was stolen! I’m like “oh man”I really loved that guitar!

Later on I realized that it wasn’t stolen at all they just said that and kept it but I never said anything to them because I couldn’t prove anything, I just felt that because the guys who took it to were known for trouble and all they really had to say was it was stolen and thinking what could Bob do about it? And they were right of course but it’s a bitter-sweet memory for me.

I did buy a used guitar in a savings and loan store know as a “Hock Shop” they called them at the time, I paid $35.00 for it and it was a right handed one what else! But I just changed the strings around and that’s the one I used in the band we started back then, and I had that guitar about 6 years before I got another.

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  1. retrodee says:

    I’m sorry to hear they stole your guitar, what punks! My dad’s brand new baseball glove got stolen when he was a kid and he knew who took it, but the coach didn’t do anything about it. Those memories are definitely bittersweet.

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    1. Bob says:

      So True Dee!


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