kindergarten 52′

With a new school year upcoming, it brings back memories of 1952, the year I began Kindergarten. I don’t remember too much other than the crying and holding on to my Mothers leg! No please I want to go home with you! Well you can guess how that turned out!

I don’t recall the rest of the day but I’m sure I was glad to see my mother as well as the other kids were thinking. Some of the things I do remember was the Boys played mostly at the sandbox on one side of the room with some matchbook cars, it was on a stand so when we played on it it was about shoulder high.

The Girls had a little kitchen set in the back of the room with a table and a set of chairs, and they also had the set of kitchen toys like dishs,, and some other items. There was a small closet as you walked in the class to hang our coats and place our boots in the winter months.

I do remember the class playing musical chairs singing, “Did you ever see a “Lassie” and a few other songs and I also remember the teacher reading to us probably from the “Dick and Jane” books that were very popular back then. And there was a wooden stand with cubbie holes that every kid could put put their snacks for the day in and the teacher placed our names on it. .

Since we only went a half day back then all you needed was a snack I used to bring a banana, and sometimes a box of cheese–bits I loved them and we got those half pints of milk then regular or chocolate flavor I always tried for the chocolate.

So jumping forward to a number of years ahead I lived in the same school district that made it possible for my 2nd oldest daughter to go to the same school as I did in the 50’s and wouldn’t you know it was the very same classroom that I began in kindergarten! It’s funny she didn’t cry at all she just ran right in!

I walked in and the floor patten was the very same one as when I began there as was the closet also, there were more up to date features of course but It was like stepping back in time I could almost see it as it was when I was in that class room!


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  1. retrodee says:

    Great post, I can just picture what it must have been like in your Kindergarten. You have a great memory– thanks for sharing. That’s so cool how your daughter went to the same classroom!

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dee, yeah it’s funny how you can remember something half a century ago but then can’t remember what you did yesterday!


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