Mary’s Luncheonette!

Back in the summer days of the 50’s I used to go from time to time to the store around the block named Mary’s luncheonette also know as the “Nest” by the older kids mostly from the High Schools as they hung out there and it had a Jukebox, and pinball machines that cost 5 cents to play.

So when I sat at the counter Mary would say, What you having Bobby? if I didn’t get a 5 cent glass of coke, it was a glass of ice cold milk and a 10 cent comic book from the comic stand and sometimes, she would let me stay and read them for free my favorite was Superman and Batman, and a few others.

I just sat there reading till Mary said, is there anything else you want Bobby? Then I knew it was time to go. I miss those days at Mary’s store as well as Mom’s acroos the street. What great days they were back then, I can still see them now long ago but still so near.


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  1. retrodee says:

    Love this. I can just picture it!

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