Retro Games!

monopoly board game on brown wooden tabletop

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

When we weren’t playing ball or riding our bikes or exploring other things, we would go outside by my friend’s house a few doors down, and sit on the ground playing board games like, “monopoly”, “checkers” and others. some times we played marbles, or flipped baseball cards against the wall! Some days your winnings piled up! And the next day you would lose most of them.

It was a fun way to spend a summer afternoon, there was quite a number of board games at the time and my friend had most of them it seemed! Other board games we played were, “Cheyenne” a game from the tv show at the time, and also “Gettysburg”. and it was the first board war game based on a historical battle.

And there was also” Leave It to Beaver Money Maker Game” and many more! Yeah summer was never a boring time for us back then, I don’t think there was a kid on my block who was not doing something outside in the summer, and most of the time the boys played together and the girls did the same, but there were lots of times we all played together, I’m glad I grew up when I did and, I bet most of us from that time might agree on it,