At The Jersey Shore

Seaside Beach N.J.
Seaside Heights New Jersey.

I didn’t go on vacations back when I was a kid, just got out and called on your friends and do whatever! So one day in 1965 my friend says, He’s going down the Jersey shore with his family for 2 weeks and he’ll see me when he gets back. So after he gos and a few days later he knocks on my door and says,”get your things together”

He came up on the bus, So I packed up and we got a ride from a friend we knew that was heading down the shore the same day and that’s how we got to a town named Ocean Gate, across the bay from Seaside Heights the place to go for a teen, so one night we went with the parents and we went our way and met up a few hours later we had a good time that summer of 1965.

Just a Note, I also went down the shore with my 1951 Chevy with a few of my friends over the next few years the car was a Gem!