Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all the Merriest Christmas and Happiest of New Years!

Christmas Mornings!


Back in the 1950s, when my Brothers and Sisters and I woke on Christmas morning after a restless sleep like millions of other kids, there before us was a sight like no other! Let me explain, first on Christmas eve we went to bed without a tree, with just those visions of sugar plums in our heads so the saying goes.

Then  we would wake on Christmas morning with a decorated tree with those old bright-colored lights, and a couple sets of bubble lights and the gifts were laided out before us because Santa never wrapped gifts so we were told and he always carefully placed them under the tree without us ever knowing of course! Oh how I loved sitting by the tree just staring at those sparkling bubble lights! 

Over the years my father would send 2 of the older kids out on Christmas eve to a tree lot to pick out the best of what was left of them by that time of day the tree lot man wanted to get rid of what was left, and you could get a tree for $3.00! and if you were lucky a good size one at that! 

Holiday News!

Holiday News!

Hey If you’re visiting the east coast this holiday season, visit the tree in Rockeller Center N.Y.C.  It’s a breath taking view to see! A lot of hustle and Bustle going on and the crowds are amazing! I’ve been there a number of times over the years and it’s always like seeing it for the first time!I

Whenever I would go with my family there wasn’t enough time to do all we wanted, and the decorated store windows, we hardly saw any that year, only Macy’s and what a sight it was, as they were doing their windows as in the movie “miracle on 34th street”

Bloomingdale’s. Third Avenue at 59th Street. …

Barneys. Madison Avenue at 61st Street. …

Bergdorf Goodman. Fifth Avenue at 58th Street. …

Macy’s Herald Square. Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets. …

Saks Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue at 49th Street. …

You won’t be let down I can tell you that! There’s never a better time than the Christmas Holidays to visit New York City!

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Date With The Angels Christmas

Here is the great Betty White in her show from the 1950’s “Date With The Angels” I do remember watching the “Betty White Show”  another show she starred in and may have seeen this episode but I was a kid so can’t recall it. 

I did view this awhile ago and thought you might like to view it. It’s a nice little Christmas episode. So enjoy!

Christmas 1950’s

 Part 2 1950’s Christmas video Enjoy!

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Movie Theater Christmas 56′

Back in December of 1956 I was 9 years old and one early one day in December, my Sister came home from the store and woke me up and said, Mike the Cop was outside with the other kids and he was taking them all to the movie theater for a Christmas show with Christmas movies, and a chance to win prizes!

I got dressed fast as I could and ran outside and Mike was about 2 houses away with the kids they were a little older than me and they didn’t want me to go with them to the show.

But Mike said, no! he’s allowed to come with us and so I went, we walked up to the theater about 25 blocks from my house, we always walked around then so it never bothered us. The show was fun to say the least.

We saw 2 movies then the theater manager would come out on stage and we would sing holiday music as I remember, then he would hold a raffle for the prizes and whomever had the winning ticket got to take home a great prize most of the time it was a new bike! Once my Cousin won a bike at one of the shows and rode it all the way home with a big smile on his face! 

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Christmas 1960’s

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Ice Rink

Christmas Tree
Ice Rink at Rockefella Center
 I took this photo when I went to New York a few years ago, I’m trying out the new editor to get the feel of it.