Now That’s Vintage!

Yes we really did have and use those gadgets around the home back in the 1950’s! I’m talking about those simple tools we used to make things easier around the home in the kitchen, like that wonderful Orange Juice tool to squeeze out the juice in a bowl or cup, the only thing it took like eight or more orange’s to get a full cup! The good thing oranges were like three pounds for like $0.69 cents at the time!

And what is breakfast back then without some toast to go with eggs! The toaster we had at home was the one that opened on both sides, really kind of simple to use, The refrigerator we had was a Coldspot model the kind you had to defrost from time to time, and that wasn’t easy to do, but it stayed very cold and milk never tasted better than from a bottle when it came in a glass bottle!

I remember we used a number of cast iron pans on a cast iron stove to cook and bake, The pies my mother would make in the stove I can still taste! I can tell you those stoves gave off a lot of heat that lingered for quite a while after it was turned off! That kitchen was the warmest room in the house!

At the time my family brought a wringer washing machine, and had the rolling pins on top that my mother would feed through, and squeezed out the water then she would hang the cloths out to dry on the cloths line outside the kitchen window that most family’s did back then but you know, there is nothing like fresh air to dry cloths and back then the air was less polluted back then I think. So this is just a look back at how it was in the 1950’s in my family with those marvelous gadgets of the times!

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2 comments on “Now That’s Vintage!”
  1. retrodee says:

    I just love your posts, Bob! It really gives us a look back into those wonderful times. I can just imagine what households were like back then. I don’t think what we have now is all that much better- everything these days is too complicated. Gadgets from the 50’s had the right idea. Keep it simple!

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  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Dee, So true! looking back it wasn’t that long ago we had no internet, cellphones, ipads and such, things were simple then, you never would think it would change at the time like somehow, looking at looking at it though the eyes of a kid, it would always be that way. Yet I was lucky to be there to live it, that’s the best part of all!


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