My Cousin’s Pets

In the 1950’s I lived next door to my cousins, there were four girls, and two brothers. My one cousin was more like a tomboy at the time,and she was a down to earth person who loved animals, and this story is about her pets she had over time. The photo below is an example of what her dog looked like. Thanks to Pixel photos I didn’t get the owners’name to give credit. But thanks!

It seems she always had a pet like every couple of weeks, I do remember two dogs she had, one was a boxer breed I don’t recall the other, but when she would take the boxer outside, she would play and wrestle with him! And in a fun way, I remember he was a great looking dog with a brown coat of hair.

My cousin’s had a family pet named Betty and she was a hunting dog, that my uncle would take out hunting. A beautiful animal that had a white and brown coat of hair! So like I was saying, my cousin also had a goose that she would take out for a walk, and go up and down the street and play with him outside on the porch! and every kid would go over to pet him! She kept that goose for quite awhile as I remember,

I think she also had a couple of kittens, along the way that she would take out once in a while on the porch, She was a good person, as well as my other cousins, We shared a lot of good times and memory’s, just hanging outside on those summer days and nights of the 50’s, So every once in a while I think back to my cousin’s and growing up together side by side and the times we shared.


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  1. retrodee says:

    Great post, Bob! I love hearing your memories. Such simpler times. It sounds like your cousin loved animals. How cool she had a goose! And everyone had a boxer in the 50’s it seems. Thanks for sharing as always.

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  2. Bob says:

    Thanks!! It was a time like no other!


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