A Fishy Story!

I’m not sure why, but this winter has me thinking back to the fun-filled summer days of the 1950’s! So this is a memory from one of those summer days re-calling a trip to the county park lake.

One summer day in the 1950’s, my friends and I decided to go up to the county park, to go fishing, although we had just one fishing pole! We planned to walk up to the park, some 45 blocks away! But we were those kinds of kids who traveled all over back then.

I do remember going to my Uncle’s house next door from my home to borrow his fishing knife to use if we caught any fish, at the time I think the county stocked catfish, so off we went that day to catch us some goodies to bring home.

It was a hot day in July if I remember it right, and we carried a bucket to our haul back home, but things never go as planned and all we would up was fishing my Uncle’s knife out of the water that I dropped in the lake!

I was so worried we wouldn’t get it out and we did after a short time! After about 4 hours of trying to hook a fish or two, we gave up and walked back home tired and disappointed, to say the least. But looking back on it, I can see now that just hanging out with my friends on that summer day was the best part of all!

Over the years, I have been back to that park with my kids, when they were young, and my grand kids, and walking to that very spot my friends and I went to fish on that hot July day! One of the many things we shared in doing back then!

Artwork Licensed by: (c) Can Stock Photo / Tawng