The games we played

Trading Cards

Back in the 1950’s in the summertime, one of the things we did was trade baseball cards, if I remember it right, we would do one like flipping where you would hold the card in your hand, between your thump and fore finger and flip it, what ever card it landed on you kept!

Then the next kid would do the same, it was a way to gain new cards and was fun to play, and we also played tips, where you threw the card and if it went the farthest to the wall, you would win all the cards, we did that many times over the summer days.

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Another favorite game was playing marbles, the goal was to to knock one of them or more our of the circle that was drawn up by the players, most times the shooter would use one of their favorite marbles. Other games we played were board games like, monopoly, a great way to past time, the game of Checkers, and a few others I don’t recall now.

we always played in front of my friend Kevin’s home who lived a couple of houses down. His house had a stone wall where there was a small garden, just right for playing high bouncer where you threw the ball against the wall and a few friends would be in the street, and we marked the street with chalk for the bases.

And we always had a game of stick ball going or a game of baseball across the street in the Monastery, like I talked about in other posts, like I said, we had a lot going on back in those summer days of the 1950’s, and grateful for the times.

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