Going Home!

This is a true story of one summer day about ten years ago, where two of my Sister’s and I went on a tour of the homes and neighborhoods we lived and grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The one house we went to visit that day, had a special meaning to me and my sisters.

We began our day going by bus to the lowest home on the list and walking back to the last one to get the bus back home where we began our trip. All in all it was about a 30 block walk walk between homes.

So as were went a long we took some photos and chatted about some of our memory’s we each had, and story’s about events of the time, and we did this at every home we visited that day till we got to the last house on our list.

This is the home we remembered most, as it was where I moved in at the age of four years old, and where I lived when we got our first TV, the following year. And where I watched my favorite western’s on Saturday mornings and much of what I wrote about growing up at the time.

So the story gets interesting from here on, as we stopped at this last home on our journey, we sat down on the steps to rest and think back on all the memory’s when a woman came out of the building and says hello to us, my one Sister says don’t mind us we use to live here 50 years ago and were reminiscing, and she says oh that’s so nice! Then asked what apt, did we live in? We said on the first floor she turned and said to us, that’s where I live!!

Then she says, would you like to come in and see your old apt? We were like wow yes we would! So we went in the building and it was a strange feeling going in, we went in her apt and it was like walking back in time, it was of course updated but there was still some marking there from 50 years before as we got to the living room I looked at the wall where we had our TV in the 1950’s, and it brought back sweet memories for me!

As we were leaving, we passed at the doorway of the kitchen where I remembered seeing my father sitting in the chair in the kitchen and saying to me, ” Ha Ha” Bobby has to start school tomorrow” We thanked the woman for being kind to us and left saying what’s the odds of us getting to see our old apt again!


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  1. retrodee says:

    Oh my gosh, Bob that’s an incredible story! So nice how the lady let you in, that must have been amazing and so strange. I just moved to MA and I will probably be going to a couple of houses such as my Grandparents where I used to visit them. It will be weird having the memories and being in the place after all has changed. I’m glad you got to see your old home.

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    1. Bob says:

      Yea it was nice Dee, and it seemed unreal standing where I used to live 50 years before!


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