Snowy Surprise “56”

Winter always brings back the snow-fun days of the 1950’s, and the kids on my block like most kids always had a great time when we got a good storm! I do remember back in 1956 the day started out when I woke and heard my Mother say, it snowed last night I’m like what? I went to the window and I can still see it, a picture of white untouched fresh fallen as far as you can see, a kids vision of never ending snow!

I just stood my the window like i was frozen not believing I was looking at, it was strange because I wasn’t told about any snow storms on the way the night before, my parents never said anything or maybe they didn’t know, as back then if I remember the news was on only 15 minutes at a certain time of the day, I think we more news back then on the radio as it was, because TV was still in it’s infancy.

I asked my father if I can go out right away and he said it was way too early to go out, we would have to wait till the afternoon! It was a long wait for a kid but the afternoon came and out we went jumping right in the snow right from the high steps of the front porch, laughing and having a blast! Yea memory’s were made on that snowy day of “56”

illustration by (c) Can Stock Photo / hibrida13


2 comments on “Snowy Surprise “56””
  1. retrodee says:

    That’s a great memory, Bob! I remember the snow when I was little too, but then I moved to CA for years. I’m in MA now and it’s back, but I’m not real fond of it, if only I could see it through kids eyes again!


  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Dee, I can see it’s hard if you’re not used to the weather changes one coast to the other, It would be hard for me to get adjusted to a warmer climate as well, i grew up here on the east coast so I’m used to it. Just love the snow and cooler temps.


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