50’s Football Party menu

Back in the 1950’s with TV in it’s infancy snacking as you watched a game became the way to gather round and grab a handful of mixed party mix. In 1953 Sunset Magazine came up with the first TV tray menus.

Football season!

The main-dish casserole, prepared by the hostess, was frozen in individual foil dishes, then popped in the oven an half hour before kickoff. At servinf time, a lap tray for each guest was set with an individual foiled casserole, dip and dippers, bread, and coffee. And before the meal guests could nibble on TV snacks!

Below is a typical TV Football Party Menu from the 1950’s

TV Mix ~ Cold Beverages ~ Chicken Noodle Casserole With Potato Chip ~ Au Gratin ~ Carrots, Celely, and Radishes with Bleu ~ Cheese Dip ~ Brown ‘N’ Serve Rolls ~ Ice Cream Pie ~ Coffee.

Back in 1953 Betty Crocker had a 1950 recipe that featured Kix cereal baked with garlic and butter. And Ralston Purina Company’s Checkerboard Kitchens, had their own version that was made with their Chex line of Cereals. The most popular recipes included products from a number of different Company’s.

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  1. retrodee says:

    Great post! Even the TV dinners back in the 50’s sound fun and delicious. The frozen microwave dinners of the future were (and are) the worst! As someone who doesn’t cook, I’ve had my share of them.


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