You Don’t Say!

I posted this in 2015 thought you might like to view it.Bob

The Past Is Back


Those Were The Days!

Check out these facts about the 1950’s
•All of the holidays were celebrated in school
•Most people had record player and records
•Almost all mothers stayed at home as homemakers and took care of the house and kids
•There wasn’t much crime
•No riots and people trampling over each other at stores and concerts
•ATM’s did not exist
•No automatic washing machines or dryers
•No smog
•You would see two movies at the theater with a cartoon in between for 25 cents
•No DVR’s
•All the children played on the street until dark and we all felt safe
•No one locked there front door at night or when you went away
•Most people had one TV and it was black and white. There were only three channels, ABC, NBC and CBS.
•1950s fashion was hot.

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2 comments on “You Don’t Say!”
  1. Although we grew up an ocean apart I can identify with all of this! We were a bit behind you with TV channels. Only one (BBC) until 1955 when along came ITV. Because I lived in very remote countryside in Wales, we didn’t get our first TV until 1960 and couldn’t get ITV for another couple of years.

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    1. Bob says:

      Thanks for posting this, We got our first TV when I was 5 years old in 1952, and TV was in it’s infancy. But what great shows were on at the time and many were done live! Speaking of BBC, I do watch that channel now and then and enjoy it.

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