Hey Coach!

In the fall days of the 50’s the high schools in the city would hold practice on the field at St. Michael’s Church grounds, There was a rivalry between the two high schools at the time that was going on year to year, and they always played a game on Thanksgiving day, and one Thanksgiving day I went to one of the games in 1961 with my Father and Uncle.

Let the games begin!

So when my friends and I were at St.Michael’s and didn’t have a football with us, we would call out and say,”Hey Coach” could we use one of the extra balls the players always had with them, and then my friends and I would get up a game of two hand touch, and when the practice ended after about 2 hours or so, we gave the football back, and hang out some more to see if there was a game going on.

Sometimes we would join in a game of basketball, or if someone had a game of stickball going we would see if we could join in, or just watch the game.

We would join in or start our own, never a dull moment there, no matter when, winter, spring, summer, or the fall days of the 50’s. 

(c) Can Stock Photo / aroas