Sights of the City!

In the early 1950s there were many places where you could travel to, one such avenue I remember there was about 11 blocks from my home, was a store named “Mickey Finns” a department store where you could get decent clothing for good prices!

Down the street from that was a “Woolworths” five and dine store where i once brought a great toy gun that was new at the time for $5.00 that I got for my tenth or eleventh Birthday, i don’t recall what one, I went there with my friend Buddy and my friend Gregory I remember coming out of the store with it that day and taking turns at it with my friends!!

Down across the street from “Woolworths” was a movie theater named “The Roosevelt” I think was named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt years before in the 1940s. This is the theater we went to see Elvis Presley in the movie “Love Me Tender” in 1957. and “Rebel without a Cause” starring James Dean and Natalie Wood.

Going up from there about 5 blocks was the movie theater “The Summit” where we saw many Horror movies of the times, back then there were a number of them one of my Favoites is “The day The Earth Stood Still” if we went straight up from there we went to the “Lincoln Theater” where they had great movies playing and we always went to the saturday matinee because it was only 25 cents to see 2 movies with cartoons!

And for a time they had Horror shows with two horror movies then and in between movies they brought the lights down and on the screen there was loud thunder and lighting then they had people come out through the audience and scare the kids! Yeah it was a lot of fun but the parents complained and they stopped doing the Horror shows.


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    That’s awesome you remember going to see those movies!

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