Memorial Day

A Special Memorial Day!

Every year at this time I write about remembering those who fought and gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. So it’s only fitting that we remember all of the heathcare workers around this great country who were and still are on the front lines caring and fighting this unnessasary virus!

Ans a number of these dedicated healthcare workers got the virus and have passed away from it, we own them so much by what they suffered. So lets stop and take a moment to say a pray for then and their familys, friends, and their pets this memorial day as this fight goes on.

because of them the light is beginning to shine though the darkness as states are slowly beginning to reopen. There’s more to do yet no doubt but Amerians are made to go forward when knocked down and we don’t stop untill we’re back! So lets say thanks for their sacrifice and keep them in our prays!


2 comments on “A Special Memorial Day!”
  1. retrodee says:

    So true! They are the brave ones! Great post and Happy Memorial Day, Bob!

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    1. Bob says:

      Same to you Dee!


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