Spiekermann’s Bakery!

Photo by Vo Thuy Tien on Pexels.com

Awhile ago I wote of my memories of Margies bakery a few blocks away from my Grandmother’s house in the 1950s, but I’ll like to share this memory of the other wonderful bakery uptown on the avenue when I lived.

It was about 12 blocks away and at times I would go with my father to pick up a cheese cake, tasty buns, fresh rolls and even a great tasting coffee cake right out of the oven! It was a small store with very nice people working there and they had high schools kids who worked after school and on weekends.

There were a number of great bakerys in the city but these are the one’s I mostly went to when visiting my grandmother’s house or going up the avenue with my father and sometimes with my mother. The store moved up a few blocks in the 1970s if I remember right and went out of business a number of years later. I can still see and smell the aroma of store of the 1950’s with its freshly make goodies! Oh to travel back for just one day yes if only we could!