Home Economics ’50s

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I was talking to my Sister the other day and she was telling me how in the 1950’s the girls in our school at the time had to go to cooking classes to a school 11 blocks away and had to walk there and with the teacher.

It was for a 2 hour period then home to lunch then head back to school for regular classes till 3:00pm, the girls’s back then would make their own graduation dress at sewing class! the boys had shop and ceramics, we really didn’t have a gym at school it was so small I don’t think anyone used it that I know of.

Back then the girls had their own entrance on one side of the school and the boys had the other side! above the doors were marked “Boys” “Girls” if you’re familiar with the holiday movie classic “The Christmas Story” there are scenes filmed of the classroom with “Raphie” here and there throughout the movie, that reminded us of our classrooms.

The classrooms in our school and I think much of the county were exactly like that! Every time my Sister and I view those scenes it brings back fond memories of the times, we wanted to share this with you to give a sense of life in the 1950’s.