Waiting For Dad!

In the mid 1950’s my Father was working about 3 blocks away from my house and in the summer months of one year I would go and sit on the stoop of what was then a tavern, and wait for my father to get off of work.

Especially if it was on payday! He would always give me a dime or if I was lucky a quarter! I remember the building was right acroos the street and there was a door that would be open because it was a dye house and the heat was very bad in the summer months.

My father knew I would be out on the stoop about the time he was almost done with the days work and would come by the door and wave to me with the towel on his shoulder that he always used because of the heat. it was a very hard job with the heat and chemicals they used to dye the material with. I felt bad for him but that was the job, but I can still see him waving to me even today. That building was taken down over the years and a senior building stands there today and the taven is now a salon.

When I come to think of it, all the family members were hard working people who got their hands dirty and came home after a hard day to relax with their family, much like most familys did then and do these days.