School Dentist

Back in the 50’s the city I lived in had a dentist that worked with the city and he would go to each school at different days and times to give kids a check up.

And sometimes we would walk up to the one school that was about 12 blocks away and we would go with the school nurse most of the time and sometimes with the teacher.

It was a whole day at that school as one kid after another waited in the hallway biting our nails, oh the anxiety of it all!!

Let me just say the city dentist wasn’t a very nice man I don’t think he liked kids because once he was working on me and he hit a nerve and I jumped out of the chair he yelled at me “sit down” but the pain was real and hurt all day.

Once we were done we would walk back to the school area and if your home was on the way the nurse or teacher, would let you leave the group and go to your home, my house was about half a block from where we walked back so I would say goodbye and they went on their way back..

Not a great memory but that’s the way it was, we never used school buses back then I was never on one one till later years, we always walked to and back to school in those days, as it was only about 5 blocks so no need for a bus.